US says Iran top terror sponsorer

Oh … just like Saddam harboured al-qaeda and made WMD?


lazy companies

we heard of pesticides in soft drink bottles, we heard of fungu, but as if it were not enough this guy found a condom.

So what is Pepsi's defense? This bottle could have been due to some kind of illegal bottling. Hmm find a better excuse. The bottle sold from a Domino's (coca cola) outlet contained fungus. Dont just blame everything on the illegal industry. You guys earn a lot of money in India. Put some money into protection of the bottles. You wont because it costs money. If you dont, there are too many ways that the bottle can be pirated. Just pull some percentage of the 'marketing' money and put it in technology.

Before sunset/sunrise

Jack recommended that I watch Before sunset and Before Sunrise. I watched both the movies. I loved Before Sunset. Warning, for those of you who cannot stand slow movies… this is your nemesis. Actually Lost in translation would be your nemesis and this would be your worst nightmare.

Anyway, Before sunrise is about one evening that a guy and a girl spend with each other, fall in love and as a surprise part ways. Of course they promise each other that they will meet up 6 months later. Before sunset is the sequel which tells you about what happens after the two depart. Do they meet again etc; I liked Before sunrise because it had everything done so naturally. It did not exaggerate or over simplify the relation between these two teenagers.