Blizzard is going too far

This is the most outrageous things that Blizzard did till date. Its simple they want more money.

In short, they have taken down a guy's eBay account because he was selling World of Warcraft user guides on eBay citing DMCA of all the things.  Their reason – copyright infringement. That is stupid. Is this guy causing any monetary losses to Blizzard? Using screenshots – what's wrong with that? Why dont they go after those IGN and other game sites that use their screenshots?

So if I have to write a book on say improving nVIDIA's graphics architecture, should I get explicit permission from them? If I have to compare nVIDIA's graphics to ATI's graphics, should I get explicit permission from the two of these companies? I bet one of them is going to say no for simple reasons. One of them would win when I write an article/book. I would like one and hate the other. So does that mean I can NEVER write a book/article?

 Its so lame… Blizzard better get your act right. I am one of the biggest fans of your games. I would have to consider buying any game by you again if this is how you treat gamers and game lovers. Better back off. I just bought a WC3 battlechest and I can easily do a Tauren stomp on the CD.


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