Ok, so I had por, albeit by mistake.

 I ordered a Potatoe sandwich @ the Joe's Sandwich right opposite to my place. I started eating it when I noticed something different in the sandwich. Horror! There is a slab of pork between the bread slices, carefully hidden with the next-gen stealth technology. Damn.

So I add Pork to the list of non-veg items I had after coming to SK.

– Shellfish

 I discovered some shell fish @ the bottom of the soup that I was almost finished with. Maybe the 1st week of my stay in Korea.

– Pork


– Beef

    Gogi pegi… no meat. However Koreans do not consider small pieces of meat as gogi/meat. So my dear cook had added these pieces of meat out of courtesy since I ordered the dish without the side dish – a meat slab. 2nd week in korea.
– Fish

 this was my first exp with korean food. The soup I was served had tiny fish in it. I did not realise this untill I had some 4 spoons.  1st week of stay in Korea.
Believe me when I say, I am not done yet. I trust that I will eat every possible animal out there before I leave korea.

As of now, the restaurants near the office understand my 'special needs' ;). So when I walk in, they look @ me as :

const CyraX = * bibimbap, gogi begi; 


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