Hello world curry…

Atlast… I made some curry and surprisingly it came out well.

Patent pending formula:

– Cut a few potatoes into medium size pieces. This step will help you to with peeling off the potato skin

– Boil these potatoes till they are soft. Ensure that you do not boil them to point that they end up being a paste.

– Take a frying pan and pour some oil into it. Set the burner to low heating. After about 1 min add some ‘jeera’ a little turmeric and a little red chilli powder. Mix this well.

– Peel the skin off the potatoes and then add the boiled potatoes to this oil mixture. Leave the pan on low for around 4mins, all the while stirring the contents. You must observe a yellowish tint on the potatoes. The amount of oil depends on you btw.

– You may add some coriander leaves for flavour.

Muhaah!! once you are done pay me the royalty… invite me over for lunch.


5 responses to “Hello world curry…

  1. This process is optimised for the case where you have just one vessel to do all the job and you do not have enough time… which by the way is my situation :D.
    I have an electric cooker but cannot put the potatoes inthere along with the rice. If you have an l33t h4X0R solution plz tell me…
    Electric Cooker – only for rice cannot put anything else in it.
    One frying/boil vessel. Not a pan.

  2. are you saying that I should:
    1) boil potatoes
    2) p33l the skin out
    3) boil/cook rice (30mins or so)
    4) cook the potatoes

    |- 3
    |- 4

    3&&4 can be done in parallel. The bottlneck is the electric cooker. or I could boil the potatoes in the other vessel… while cooking rice in the electric cooker. hmm… this calls for some pipeline opti.
    I guess its worth giving a try. Thanks man diablo.

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