New computer

Well, I have been without a personal computer (in the apartment) for over 45 days now. I wanted to desperately get one for myself anyway. That is when my kind company (Softmax) steps in. They gave me a desktop computer to use @ the apartment. Now I can directly buy a laptop instead of buying a stopgap desktop. If anything, I can just upgrade this computer.

Aah! I love this company. 


Suvival tactics in Korea

The obvious way is to learn korean. So what if you do not know enough korean yet? Do what I do.

For example, I had to pick up corn oil. What I did not know was what which one is of good quality. So I did what any camper in Q3 does – camp @ the place where there was as ton of corn oil. Ultimately I found a grandma who picked up a bottle of corn oil. Well I just followed her. Eventually I bought a lot of stuff just following her. I followed a lady who had kids to pick up moisturiser. I followed kids to pick up good chocolates.

Barbaric, but effective.

Blizzard is going too far

This is the most outrageous things that Blizzard did till date. Its simple they want more money.

In short, they have taken down a guy's eBay account because he was selling World of Warcraft user guides on eBay citing DMCA of all the things.  Their reason – copyright infringement. That is stupid. Is this guy causing any monetary losses to Blizzard? Using screenshots – what's wrong with that? Why dont they go after those IGN and other game sites that use their screenshots?

So if I have to write a book on say improving nVIDIA's graphics architecture, should I get explicit permission from them? If I have to compare nVIDIA's graphics to ATI's graphics, should I get explicit permission from the two of these companies? I bet one of them is going to say no for simple reasons. One of them would win when I write an article/book. I would like one and hate the other. So does that mean I can NEVER write a book/article?

 Its so lame… Blizzard better get your act right. I am one of the biggest fans of your games. I would have to consider buying any game by you again if this is how you treat gamers and game lovers. Better back off. I just bought a WC3 battlechest and I can easily do a Tauren stomp on the CD.


Ok, so I had por, albeit by mistake.

 I ordered a Potatoe sandwich @ the Joe's Sandwich right opposite to my place. I started eating it when I noticed something different in the sandwich. Horror! There is a slab of pork between the bread slices, carefully hidden with the next-gen stealth technology. Damn.

So I add Pork to the list of non-veg items I had after coming to SK.

– Shellfish

 I discovered some shell fish @ the bottom of the soup that I was almost finished with. Maybe the 1st week of my stay in Korea.

– Pork


– Beef

    Gogi pegi… no meat. However Koreans do not consider small pieces of meat as gogi/meat. So my dear cook had added these pieces of meat out of courtesy since I ordered the dish without the side dish – a meat slab. 2nd week in korea.
– Fish

 this was my first exp with korean food. The soup I was served had tiny fish in it. I did not realise this untill I had some 4 spoons.  1st week of stay in Korea.
Believe me when I say, I am not done yet. I trust that I will eat every possible animal out there before I leave korea.

As of now, the restaurants near the office understand my 'special needs' ;). So when I walk in, they look @ me as :

const CyraX = * bibimbap, gogi begi;