Cell processor and gnu/linux

const linux = gnu/linux;
Is the cell processor the jump pad for gnu/linux? I believe it will be. The Apache was the jump pad for servers. Oracle/DB2 were jump pads for servers. There never was a reason for people to use or even think of using gnu/linux on desktops or workstations. The cell however might just be the boost required for that. Now think about it. Cell is by Sony, Toshiba, IBM. Also the Cell is in PS3, a SONY product but in direct competition with the XBOX 360, a Microsoft product.

Traditionally people stuck to the Microsoft products because of the application availability for windows platform. Now Microsoft will not port Windows/MS Office to an architecture that will make money for SONY and thus fuel the fire against XBOX 360. Still SONY needs to get money from the Cell and they will put it in desktops or workstations. The latter would be first I guess. For this to happen they will require lots of applications upfront. Guess who will be the leading contender for this slot? gnu/linux. *BSD is another choice, but IBM is putting its weight behind gnu/linux and would love to beat MS Windows (their OS2 failed to do this earlier).
Expect a lot of FSF and OSS projects to be funded for a cell architecture.


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