Reporting from Seoul… almost live

Well now that I know Seoul a little bit I thought its time to write down something about it. First off, Seoul is awesome. Its huge, yeah but that is something everyone knows and for me huge is not always exciting.

Howeve the people here are extremely well mannered and its not a ‘show’. It is out of true respect and honour that they speak those nice words.
Even though I do not know korean I can understand what they want to convey… I have got this habit from the korean friends… I bow to almost everyone who matters, even in the farthest possible way. For example there is this old man who btw is the guard for the building. I bow to him and it is out of respect. He has a grace in the way he talks and moves. I cannot understand what he says tough.

I went to “PC Bhang” well its a crowded place with lots of young people screaming on top of their voices while play a multitude of games… World of Warcraft, Warcraft ]I[ and of course the favourite here, Starcraft.
All the while, they keep eating some snack or the other. Rameyon is the fav.

I also met the CEO of Softmax and she is a lady with a lot of grace. Their questions generally are if I am comfortable with the villa that I was given, whether I am comfortable with the food and things like that. If I give an answer in negation, they as me what they can do to help me. Trust me, I have yet to see a company that is this good.

My manager here happens to be a nice man, a welcome change from some of my previous ones. I realised one thing that if a person is not happy in the office he works, he is not a happy man @ home too. I have experience with this. I believe now that if I have to work for a company, the company better be good to its employees. Else its better to quit.
Well I met this person called Jack Porter, he worked for Epic Mega Games earlier. These are the ppl who made the Unreal
Tournament series. He is really a nice person, helped me out in so many cases. Of course he is a good mentor and rational person. Oh before I forget, he dislikes long meetings himself. So today was the first meeting and it was over in like 10 mins. No repeats. That is a change.
Ah Shinn, Kwang-Sub the “Mr. Nice Guy” in the team. He stays back for a very long time during the office hours and helps everyone out. He brought me some food his mother made and I was like… this is nice guy. I should not forget to gift him a bottle of Soju.
I have travelled quite a lot in Seoul, thought I might not have even covered 5% of Seoul. I am not comfortable with too many ppl (crowded places) and that puts some restrictions on where I go. Even in Hyderabad I get anxious, worked up and angry when I go to places like Koti, Abids and Sultan Bazar. I did not know that I was like this until someone told me about this. I think it was in Mumbai when I came to know of this, but cannot recollect the name of the person.
I want to make damn sure that we get this game out… published and done. May god help me.


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