Genie in mumbai

Anyone of you who has been to Mordor.Mumbai (our flat in Mumbai) would understand this …

You know something, I could have gotten a better and bigger flat. I just missed it and it was not my fault. You see, I once got a magic lamp and I rubbed it. Lo behold a genie popped out and granted me three wishes.

First – I said I want to be in game dev. I was sent to Milestone, Mumbai (game dev)

Second – Good friends. Yeah I got them.

Third – Once I was in mumbai I realised that the flat was too small, so i summoned the genie to ask for a bigger flat. The genie shrugged and said – “If I could get a bigger flat for you, why would I live in a lamp of all the places”

So I lost my third wish as ‘undeliverable’


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